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Menampilkan postingan dari Agustus, 2010

NOKIA 2608

Recognized or not, CDMA handsets in the market tend to be minimal. In number and variety is clearly very much a model comparison with GSM phones. Even so, some vendors are still enough opportunities glance at the market. Large vendors are still routinely release the goods one of two products to market.
through the 2608 series which is the newest product in the CDMA segment, NOKIA effort presents a rare fashion side of the handset advanced class. But one thing, technology and features that are injected into the mobile phone has not been able to support its design performance.
Petite, slim and stylish, maybe the word could represent the physical Nokia in 2608. However, if judging again in a clamshell design in the grip is too small, especially when in the closed position. Plus shell that coats the outside of the phone is a little muffled with a thick aura of stylish for plastic elements.
The design of this phone's presence seems to be the successor of the Nokia 2505 which was als…


Samsung re-launched smart products. Deciding to embrace Symbian S60 3rd Edition, a product that has been present long enough in the Indonesian market these products appear similar to Nokia: design bongsor with knickknacks that will remind us of one of a series N. Nevertheless material selection remain a priority for Samsung.

LG KS360

display design with a full QWERTY keyboard is not only applying the handset's special operations, such as on your smartphone or PDA phone. Java MIDP 2.0-based phones also started to pull this gap. One of them is the LG KS360. With the QWERTY, mobile phone targeting the youth which is a hobby send SMS, but still want to look stylish with a facility that also pretty cool.

Nokia 6208c

For the Asia Pacific region, particularly China, Nokia released a new model which labeled the Nokia 6208c. This quirky design mobile phone, include a stylus like a sword that can be infiltrated into the sheath that is integrated with the rear body cover. This concept is inspired by 'bambo slips' are much used by the Chinese population as well as the technique of writing alt handicrafts from bamboo.


While vendors still improve itself fix the 5 and 8 megapixel camera they stole Virtuv start by introducing its latest camera phone that brings Ultima F10 lens 10 megapixel resolution. This means that once again VirtuV become the first vendor that carries the new resolution scale. At least that circulated in Indonesia

IMO G315

Variations in service rates, making dual GSM mobile phone technology becomes crowded interested persons. Moreover, mobile users are reluctant to carrying two mobile phones at once with the same network. In addition to its price, will also be cumbersome when carried.
On the local phone market itself, has many GSM phones Latest Dual manifold. Starting more than two series have been owned by their respective vendors. IMO itself already has more than three series are equipped with this technology. This proves the seriousness of the IMO to work with Dual On the mobile market. Recently also re-introduce the series IMO IMO G315 as an alternative to this type of phone. Apart from the price side, the other features are also not less interesting.
IMO G315 has a candybar design, with a cut to a size sufficient thickness thin. Wrapped with silver color, makes this phone looks elegant. Unfortunately, the chosen material that is somewhat cheap plastic. Maybe this is causing a light weight.