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LG KP500 Cookies

LG KP500 look like the Apple iPhone: the screen area with little access panel, including body slimnya. However, such interfaces offer nothing new to LG. Previously existing Viewty. With a slightly cheaper price, offers a new taste cookies with the same UI as Samsung F480.
As a first generation mobile phone technology Active flash UI that circulate in the homeland, it seems KP500 Cokie's going to be testing the product this Korean vendors. Later, how good a market penetration that will be obtained through the presence of LG products at beginning of year 2009 most gress
KP500 Cookie similar physical appearance is indeed not the first LG demonstrated. Previously, there KS20 and several other models that do not enter the homeland of Indonesia. Draw a direct impression of light emanating from this phone are slim. You ever feel the iPhone, there would be more comfortable holding LG KP500 Cookie.
Slim and elegant construction is not the main advantage KP500, spelled out the elect…